Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ethan's baby book

I haven't finished his baby book.  My "baby," Ethan, is now nearly 2 years old and I haven't finished his baby book.  Haven't started it, really.  I worked on a page or two while sitting by his bedside in the NICU so very long ago.  I've got a box filled with things meant for the book.  But I haven't actually sat down to work on it.

Does this make me a bad mom, or just someone not gifted in this particular way of loving my child?  In all reality, I've come to believe that my son will not care to ever read his baby book.  He is a boy, after all.  So really, it is just a way for me to remember the precious moments of his childhood.  But since I can't seem to force myself to sit down and finish this baby book (I'm thinking I'll get to it as soon as I finish my senior year scrapbook, which I began 12 years ago), I need to find another way to remember these precious moments.  Not for his sake, per se, but for my own, and for my husband's.

When Ethan was a few weeks old, I saw a commercial about a dad who creates an e-mail address for his baby daughter (you kind of have to lie about their age to do this, I learned).  I thought...I can totally do that!  So there it was - an easy way to document the day to day life of our family.  I can write a quick e-mail, can't I?  As it turned out, I could.  I've been e-mailing my son every few weeks (or months) since his birth and it's been amazing to look back and reread the milestones he met.  Like when he slept for 3 hours straight and we thought it was the best moment of our lives.  Or the day he discovered he had hands.  These precious times pass too quickly and are so easily forgotten.  Like the fact that he created the word "beba" and that it meant "open" in every possible situation where you'd want to open something.  Until one day, he abandoned the adorable "beba" in favor of English.  Would we even have remembered this amazing time in our son's life had I not e-mailed him about it?

You'll note that I named my blog "emails to my kids" and have only named one kid.  I currently only have one (other than the 22 I keep at school), but I plan on having more.  And I plan on e-mailing them, too.  They all need to know about their own "beba" stages.

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